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Prayer topics for Christian on skis (18.2. – 1.3.)

Workers /Servents

„Lord, send workers on the harvest“ (Mt 9,38) [there is necessary more servents, esp. for the beginning and the end ]

  • for courage and boldness (Acts 4,29) together with sensitivity and love (Mt 9,36)
  • that they could tell together with Paul: I am not ashaned for the Gospel, it is the might for salvation for everybody who believes (R 1,16)
  • that they could give the testimony with meekness and humility (1Pt 3,15f)


Protection of health, body, soul and spirit of the workers.
Protection on the way from Finnland, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Switzerland, Slovakia and Czech
Good comunnication in the team
Protection of the T-bus (on the way from Vienna to Liberec and back, the whole time on the spot,
Protection of the technical equipment (e.g. sounds equipment during the concert)
Good food supply



  • open eyes and minds for God´s word (L 24,45)
  • guidance to the right people, divine  appointments
  • plenty of people on the four evening programmes
  • desire to attend the local christian meetings


  • bless the city, so that blessing of the Christians would be stronger then the curses and murmelling of some inhabitants
  • good transportation without traffic jams and accidents
  • good weather



  • that God would open the doors to our word, so that we could proclaim the mystery of Christ (Co 4,2)
  •  that God would open human hearts that they would receive, what shall be proclaimed (Acts 16,14)
  • that the good hand of the Lord would be over us (Neh 2,8.18)
  • that God would have mercy over many and would reveal his glory over them (R 9,16.23)
  • that it would be revealed that the glory of the Lord is great (Ps 138,5)


Extra: Michal, the coordinator of COS, will speak for 5 minutes via phone on Monday 23rd at 7,00 am in the programme „Good morning with Czech TV“ + pictures from the COS ministry. Ask for wisdom for him and touching the hearts for God´s kingdom.